Rave like you’ve never raved before! This is also THE perfect song for strutting to.

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right
Salvor Hardin

Ghostfacers. ‘nuff said.

Dovahkiin Dovahkiin
Naal ok zin los vahriin
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
Ahrk fin norok paal graan
Fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin Fah hin kogaan mu draal

Ahrk fin kel lost prodah
Do ved viing ko fin krah
Tol fod zeymah win kein meyz fundein
Alduin feyn do jun
kruziik vokun staadnau
voth aan bahlok wah diivon fin lein

*Tips hat*

This is not by any means the first attempt I’ve ever had at a blog, but tumblr… tumblr is cool. The setup is so smooth, I think we might actually go somewhere with this one?
Well it’s got to be worth a try at least!

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness
Joseph Conrad